We have an active team of software developers working to improve the BetterData platform.  We also have a configuration team focused on configuring the platform for specific scenarios.  These configurations are packaged as Apps.  New features and Apps are available free to all partners to use.


Version 1.5 - July 2015:

(1) Improved user interface - Completed

(2) Enhancements to report configuration:

- Specify user level filters using any taxonomy available in the data model - Completed

- Specify grouped fields - Completed

- Specify sub-totals for grouped fields - Completed

(3) Form enhancements:

- Populate data in one form with values from other forms - Completed

- Specify a table structure in one form that is used to create linked content for another form - Completed

- Specify a matrix in a form where the row or column names are populated from a taxonomy - Completed

Version 1.6 - March 2016:

(1) Enhancements to mobile data collection:

- Offline data collection - Final testing

- Automatic synchronisation when a connection is available - Final testing

- Workflow driven notifications for mobile users alerting them to new data capture tasks - Final testing

(2) Public release of open source version of BetterData

(3) Calculations

- Advanced calculations based on data on the same form, an earlier version of the same form or another form

- Set default values based on the calculation of values from other fields on the same form

Version 2.0 - September 2016:

(1) Form hub

- Collaborative database of forms that you can manage

- Create new forms, share with specific partners

- Fork form versions while retaining compatibility with the parent data model

(2) Data hub

- Aggregate data from multiple BetterData communities

- Query and analyse the data, export into Excel


The following Apps are under analysis and configuration.

Citizen Report Card - Facility level surveys to measure user satisfaction

Participatory Budget Tracking - Citizen tracking and review of municipal budgets

Knowledge management - Enhancements to existing knowledge management app.  Introduces workflow to moderate new content, specifying if it is accepted or not and if it is for internal or external dissemination.  Also includes notification to review and update or remove outdated content.

USAID Organisational Capacity Assessment - Online tool to complete the standard USAID partner capacity assessment survey.  Track improvements over time and generate an action plan highlighting areas for improvement.