Outcome Harvesting App

This App is designed to help a number of different partners or organisations log outcomes then validate and substantiate them.

How does it work?

The Outcome Harvesting App is web based and runs on smart phones and computers via your browser.  The App works in the following way.

Registering a partner

The project manager (or any user with that role) can register profiles for new partners.  Additional roles are available at the partner level to assign a user the option log outcomes, validate them or assign other users roles.

Logging an outcome

Users can log outcomes in their partner profile at any time.  These are then automatically assigned to another user to validate, after which they continue through a pre-defined workflow.


The OH workflow is designed to track outcomes through a series of pre-defined steps.  These can be configured according to your own way of working.  As the outcome moves through the steps additional fields are revealed and fields not needed for that step are hidden.

As the workflow advances the management reports showing the status of each outcome updates.  This makes it easy for the project manager to see where each CSC is in the implementation process and which are facing problems.


You can use the Report Builder tool to create new reports, drawing on any field in any form.

Would you like a guided demo of the OH App?  Get in touch and we'll schedule a Skype call to take you through it.  We also offer consultancy to customise the App if you need changes to match your own context.