Community Scorecard App

This App is designed to help manage and monitor the implementation of large numbers of community score cards (CSC).

How does it work?

The CSC App is web based and runs on smart phones and computers via your browser.  The App works in the following way.

Registering and tracking CSCs

The project manager (or any user with that role) can register planned CSC processes in advance.  These are shown on the App and are visible in reports.  The CSC planning form allows the project manager to assign responsibility for each CSC to a specific team member and to enter deadlines for key stages in each CSC process (for example when will the interface meeting be completed by?).  These are used to generate a management report that makes it easy to track which stage each CSC has reached and how that compares to the planned schedule.

Capturing data for a CSC

The App shows a list of all CSC on the dashboard page.  This shows where it is happening, who is responsible and which stage it has reached.  Each CSC has a profile with pages to save data specific to that CSC.  These show the team what stage it has reached, what activities are due and which data has already been captured.  The CSC profile has forms to capture the following data:

  • Groups - register each group participating in the CSC
  • Contacts - record contact information for key people involved in the CSC
  • Meetings - record how many people attended engagement or other meetings (or record which specific people attended the meeting if you need a unique count)
  • Scorecard - enter the data for each community scorecard created by each group and the provider scorecards
  • Action plan - record the agreed actions from the interface meeting.


The CSC process is broken down into a series of steps that follow the process of engagement, scorecard development, interface, monitoring and then advocacy and evaluation.  The workflow guides the user responsible for each CSC through which activities they need to carry out at that stage (for example, organise the interface meeting) and the data that must be collected (for example, complete the action plan form).  The workflow can also include review steps where it is re-assigned to the project manager to review data at key stages.  They can reverse the workflow - adding comments - if there is a problem.  Or advance it to continue the process if the data is of good quality and the process is going well.

As the workflow advances the management reports showing the status of each CSC update.  This makes it easy for the project manager to see where each CSC is in the implementation process and which are facing problems.


The App comes with a set of pre-configured reports.  Or you can use the Report Builder tool to create new reports, drawing on any field in any form.

Management reports - These show the names and locations of each CSC, which stage they have reached in implementation, what the deadline was and which person is responsible for the CSC.

Donor reports - These show disaggregated data on indicators related to the CSC process.  Example indicators include:

  • Number of facilities introducing changes as a result of evidence from citizen monitoring
  • Percentage of service users in target facilities with knowledge of rights and entitlements (disaggregated by gender)
  • Number of people participating in monitoring service delivery (disaggregated by gender)
  • Number of facilities where participatory scorecards have been implemented by local CSOs
  • Number and percentage of facilities with agreed actions to improve services jointly developed by service user and providers 
  • Number and percentage of facilities with regular interface meetings occurring

Learning and advocacy reports - These show detailed data on areas like:

  • Breakdown of all groups across all CSC, including gender, group-types and issues raised by each group
  • Aggregated responses to all standard scorecard questions across all groups
  • List of all issues raised by all groups in all CSC processes
  • List of all action plans from each CSC group
  • List of which actions were resolved, when and at which level of government were they resolved

Would you like a guided demo of the CSC App?  Get in touch and we'll schedule a Skype call to take you through it.  We also offer consultancy to customise the App if you need changes to match your own context.

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